Calex DC DC Converters, CBAM™ Calex Brick Assembly Modules, AC DC Power Supplies and Signal Conditioners

Chassis Mount DC/DC Converters

Chassis Mount DC DC

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Green Watt Power

Green Watt Power
  • LED Power Supplies
  • Electric Vehicle DC Converters & Chargers
  • Custom DC & Electric Vehicle Solutions

Calex offers a full selection of DC/DC converters, CBAM™ Calex Brick Assembly Modules, AC/DC power supplies and signal conditioners for the industrial, military, avionics, process control, telecommunications and medical industries.

Calex offers modular and open frame single, dual and triple output DC DC converter solutions from 0.25 to 2100 watts; Calex Brick Assembly Modules (CBAM™), Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) power solutions for military and avionics applications. Calex also provides linear modular encapsulated AC/DC power supply products from 1.5 to 10 watts as well as switching AC/DC power supplies up to 480 watts through the ConTech division of Calex (Single, dual and triple output modules are available). Calex has literally thousands of designs on file. So, when a standard catalog product can't satisfy your requirements, call us. We welcome projects involving modifications to standard products as well as complete custom power supply solutions. Calex offers a variety of heatsinks, filters and mounting boards to tailor each solution to your application. We offer a full line of PLC Analog I/O modules, analog transmitters, modular strain gage and load cell signal conditioning equipment, DC Alarms, thermocouple amplifiers and a wide variety of mounting hardware. Can’t find the signal conditioner to meet your unique requirements? We offer custom design capability to tailor Calex Products to your specifications. Contact us today to initiate your design project. DC/DC Converters and Power Supplies Full Line Catalog brochure, Signal Conditioning Full Line Catalog brochure and Short Form Catalog brochure available upon request.

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