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Calex Brick Assembly Module (CBAM™) Concept

COTS Power Modules

CBAM™ stands for Calex Brick Assembly Module.  CBAM™ is Calex’s latest product offering targeting military and avionics applications that call for unique features, rugged design and high reliability.  The CBAM™ concept allows the system designer to choose the features needed for the application at hand.  More specifically, the CBAM™ solution allows you to mix and match modular products to create your own unique power solution. This addresses a variety of issues including brown-out protection, EMI reduction, surge and spike protection and provides clean uninterrupted power for your down stream circuitry. Calex can incorporate CBAM™ functionality into a variety of form factors to meet your unique requirements - simply contact the factory for details.

CBAM™ Modules:

Protects downstream circuitry against transients (per MIL-STD-1275B).

Filter for conducted emissions (meets MIL-STD-461E without the need for external parts).

Easy paralleling of multiple converters.

CBAM™ is a truly modular concept:

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